INFS launches Calisthenics Trainer Certification Course

New Delhi: Calisthenics, a bodyweight training regime, is increasingly gaining popularity in India as well as around the globe, especially due to the ongoing pandemic which has limited our access to the gyms. Developed in ancient Greece, Calisthenics has become a recognised practice amongst fitness experts and has resulted in opening an array of job opportunities. To equip learners with skills which allow them to enhance their career in Calisthenics, Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS), the largest online fitness institute, announces the launch of Calisthenics Trainer Certification Course. The admissions have begun on the website from Monday, 21st June 2021.


Through this course, INFS is providing an exciting opportunity for calisthenics enthusiasts to avail a 20% discount between 21st to 24th June 2021. The offer is valid for the first 20 enrolments and the first batch of the course will begin from 30th June followed by second batch on 15th July 2021. The certification consists of modules extending up to 10 weeks and 16 credits and anyone above 18 years of age is eligible for the course. There will be an additional bonus week for revision.


Commenting on the announcement, Jyoti Dabas, Founder and CEO, INFS, said, “The Calisthenics course is another milestone in our goal to democratise quality education for all. Our faculty members are working hard each day to improvise and develop the curriculum to match global standards in the fitness education industry. We are exploring niche fields of training and hope to provide more such courses in future.”


Dr. Harsha Joshi, Program Director, INFS, said, “We are pleased to launch the Calisthenics Trainer Certification Course that will educate and inform students about the nuances of the exercise through which they can make a difference in their own life and in the lives of those around them. Calisthenics is a form of exercise that helps develop strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination. Through a blend of both practical and theoretical learning, the course aims to provide comprehensive knowledge about Calisthenics and its benefits.”

A lot of people are opting for a professional calisthenics trainer that can help them in their fitness journey along with helping them in developing skills to perform the exercises flawlessly. The reason behind its growing acceptance among fitness enthusiasts is that Calisthenics is one such practice that anyone can easily perform regardless of their previous fitness training routine without any equipment at the comfort of your home.


INFS is on a mission to provide students with excellent education that is scientifically proven and research-based while ensuring that everyone has access to knowledge in nutrition and fitness. To date, more than 7,000 students have enrolled in INFS certificate courses.

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