Inkclick – The Students Network to revolutionize the Learning experience gets launched

New Delhi: Inkclick, a Technology company, has launched the first-of-its-kind learning and growth platform based on the GenZ approach to revolutionize the learning experience into a learning adventure. This is an exclusive platform that brings students, teachers, and mentors, school and Universities to a commonplace and is dedicated to offering an unparalleled solution to redefine learning through innovative pedagogical ways and a high level of student engagement. The users also have the independence to choose their interests and be flexible on the time to nurture them. It provides a novel opportunity to explore the one common platform on which ‘anyone can teach and anyone can learn in the most affordable and accessible manner. It is based on the belief that a curious mind can do great wonders and it is the zeal to learn which drives knowledge to become wisdom.


E-Learning has reached its breakeven point and needs to be driven to engage the community of learners and educators in a close thread to make the learning experience feasible for all. It creates great surgency for redefining the learning experience not only for students but also for the teachers and mentors thus giving birth to the concept of Inkclick. With its goals set to focus on innovation and easing learning, Inkclick is targeting a global audience to deliver the most advanced solutions to new-age opportunities.


Inkclick is a Digital Institute connecting the stakeholders on a networking space for Learning. During its beta launch phase of 3 months, Inkclick garnered over 8000+ users 15+ schools as active members and 35 more in the pipeline. Inkclick also envisions to empower youngsters of the nation and has collaborated with the Delhi government for various upskilling programs to equip them with global skills and accelerate employment. It provides an environment to make the user experience meaningful and collaborative by bringing people of common passions to learn and grow together.


Speaking on the launch, Ms. Parul Uppal, Founder, Inkclick said “Education is not perceived correctly by the majority of the public, so Inkclick was incubated to redefine education to distinguish illusions from practical knowledge to enjoy the ultimate essence of education from any corner of the world by bringing students, teachers, mentors, schools and universities to a common platform. We are committed to leading the young mind to be more and carve out best upshots.”


“Formal education is crucial to realize that learning can happen anytime, anywhere, and no one should be deprived of it, especially due to money constraints. Inkclick was created with a purpose to bring all the spheres of learning together not only to impart education but to impart wisdom to empower the nation” said Mr. Ankit Sanan, Co-Founder, Inkclick, during the launch.


The Edtech company Inkclick also launched their mascot Inky to make a good connect with its stakeholders at all digital platforms. The users can log in for free to the website or download the app to start learning and teaching from the comfort of their place. The interface is extremely user-friendly and has been built keeping in mind the global audience to learn by sharing 24×7.


Inkclick is a lucrative opportunity for the new-age learning solution which stokes your creativity and directs an enriching opportunity to explore and ace new skills and academics while connecting with people around the globe.