Innovation Enterprises in Ural Federal University to Make 5.3 Million Dollars This Year

New Delhi: Pandemic did not stop the innovators of UrFU to report the turnout of 400 mil. rubles this year

There are more than 60 small innovative enterprises in the university. Photo: press service of UrFU.

Small innovative enterprises of the Ural Federal University in October 2020 brought an income of 387 million rubles, it is expected that the total income for the year will exceed 400 million. In total, about 60 small innovative enterprises work at the university, TASS reports.

“Despite the pandemic, small innovative enterprises are not losing ground. So, last year the same figure was 426 million rubles, “- said in the innovation infrastructure of the university. Some of the most effective small innovative enterprises are UBM Foundry LLC, UIS-Metallurgy LLC and Geomer production.

Thus, Geomera received a grant from the Innovation Promotion Foundation. The innovation developed by Geomera involves testing digital twins of turbine blades and may be relevant for Russian enterprises, primarily in gas turbine engineering.

“The innovative technology allows us to accurately determine the quality of the tested blade, as well as create an optimal balanced set of blades for the engine, which will increase its efficiency. The use of digital twins allows you to save on full-scale tests and, most importantly, it makes it possible to take into account the effect of each blade separately for their most optimal interposition, which saves not only enterprise funds, but also time – the test can be carried out in a matter of seconds,” said Dmitry Lavrinov, Director at Geomer.

UrFU is the initiator of the establishment of the Ural Research and Education Center – Advanced industrial technologies and materials in Yekaterinburg aimed at implementing of the tasks of the national project “Science”.

Ural Federal University is one of the Russian leading universities, ‘5-100 Project’ participant, located in Ekaterinburg — the capital of 2023 FISU World University Games. Ural Federal has initiated the creation of Ural Interregional Research and Education Center (UIREC), aimed at successful completion of National Project ‘Science’ tasks.