Innovation Tech Lab OMOTEC Partners With World Phenomenon Kamakshi Sharma to educate students On CyberSecurity

Mumbai : To enhance education on cybersecurity and its awareness amongst students, On My Own Technology (OMOTEC), a dynamic Innovation and Research Lab that brings STEM learning to students of all age groups, has partnered exclusively with Kamakshi Sharma, a world record holder on cybercrime investigations.


Through its courses, OMOTEC is advocating cybersecurity awareness and educating students on detection mechanisms in order to reduce the rate of cyber frauds and help people from becoming victims of online crimes.


Working on a common mission, the synergy between Kamakshi Sharma and OMOTEC got them on the same boat with Sharma as the brand ambassador for promoting the significance of cybersecurity amongst the youth.


Having trained over 2.5 lakh police officers and 50,000 officers in 35 days, and worked on over 5000 cases, Kamakshi Sharma is the first woman in the country to hold a World and Asia Record in cybercrime investigations.


“OMOTEC is addressing the crucial topic of cybersecurity, which is the need of the hour. Targeting students to reduce online crimes is going to be very effective in the long run and I am delighted to be partnering with them for this mission” says Sharma.


The courses are short-term ones covering introduction, basics and advanced modules of 12 hours each. The fees are around Rs 10,000 for groups of 40 students for 6 hours. Students of 9 years of age and above can enrol into these courses as they are the ones highly exposed to digital platforms and online gaming. The courses would be available in both online and offline mode.


“Kamakshi brings a lot of energy, passion, thought process and technical know-how to really navigate the complex world of CyberSecurity given her practical experience in solving live cases which is what OMOTEC believes in – Skilling to Application. She has solved 5000 cases and trained 50,000 Indian Cops and with this kind of vast experience and real time knowledge to solve the most complex cases, she is the best option”, says Shekhar Jain, Co-founder, OMOTEC.