Innovation transfer: KIT receives YES certificate

On January 5, 2021, KIT received the YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS IN SCIENCE (YES) certificate. The YES certificate is awarded to institutions that promote entrepreneurship in science and research through their participation in the Falling Walls Foundation initiative. ” Young Enterpreneurs in Science Campus ” is an expression of the sustained commitment to raising awareness among start-ups at the award-winning university or research institution.

With the certificate, the Falling Walls Foundation wants to stimulate a change in culture – towards more creativity, more courage for the transfer of innovative technologies and concepts and more acceptance of research careers beyond the professorship. The basis for the award was the fulfillment of quality standards in the application and implementation of awareness-raising measures by KIT in cooperation with Young Entrepreneurs in Science. The certificate is valid for one year and can be extended by a new examination by Young Entrepreneurs in Science.

The Falling Walls Foundation is the unique global hub that connects science, business and society. She shapes the future of mankind through impact-oriented ideas and discoveries, driven by a shared commitment to creating breakthroughs across borders and disciplines.

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