Innovations by four Indian Startups have the potential to reduce GHG by 33 million tonnes by 2029

New Delhi: Innovation is the key to solving many challenges faced by the world today. The WWF Climate Solver platform pioneers such innovative cleantech solutions, developed by startups and SMEs for mitigating climate change emissions and addressing some of the most pressing local environmental challenges including air pollution, waste management and natural resource degradation. It aims to showcase the potential and expand the outreach of these startups while generating awareness about the overall value of innovation, as an immediate and practical solution to climate change.

The recently concluded Climate Solver India Awards by WWF India identified four cleantech startups addressing issues of air pollution, energy efficiency and mobility, through innovative technological solutions. In its eight edition this year, the platform has recognized 26 Indian entrepreneurs as Climate Solvers till now, among the 119 entrepreneurs recognized globally. The four cleantech startups awarded this year under the GHG Reduction category have the potential to collectively reduce global GHG emissions by 33 million tonnes by 2029, whilst addressing local issues pertaining to air pollution, energy efficiency and mobility.

Talking about the importance of promoting innovation, Sh. R. P. Gupta, Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Govt. of India said, “India, along with other countries, is determined to face the challenge of climate change and meet its national commitments made to UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement. In the journey ahead, the role of innovation in providing solutions to the challenges being faced, and the role that SMEs have to play towards sustainable development and environmental protection stands out. Innovation provides newer ways to face existing problems in a cost effective & cleaner way.”

Amongst the awardees this year, Pi Green Innovations has developed Carbon Cutter – a ‘filterless’ retrofit device for diesel gensets and jaggery units that helps in Particulate Matter (PM) reduction at source. The solution is a simple plug-in installation onto the exhaust of a diesel generator designed to efficiently capture PM 2.5 and PM 10. The company has installed the technology at a few locations Maharashtra, and it is actively exploring business opportunities in South and North India considering the large number of diesel gensets operational in these regions. The estimated GHG reduction by global adoption of this technology is likely to be 8 million tonnes by 2029.

MinionLabs India was awarded for its Minion Smart Meter – a hand-sized energy-auditing device providing a non-intrusive energy management solution to reduce energy consumption in buildings. The venture has installed 240 devices in more than 52 facilities, including Fortis Hospital, Cisco and Accenture office buildings, helping them save upto 20% of their energy cost. The estimated GHG reduction by global adoption of this technology is likely to be 9 million tonnes by 2029.

P8Sense Technologies was recognized for its Artificial Intelligence for buildings to reduce power bills while monitoring the real time data on different assets in a building. It’s business model provides end to end implementation of energy efficiency measures to ensure savings of more than 15% on energy consumption.

Sharify Services has developed the Statiq Smart EV Charger, which is a cost-efficient smart public charging infrastructure for parking places at offices, shopping malls, residential apartments and restaurants, which would help promote the uptake of electric vehicles in the country. The company has set up more than 150 EV charging stations in the NCR region and have recently also partnered with Meru Cabs to provide EV charging for their fleet. The estimated GHG reduction by global adoption of this technology is likely to be 9 million tonnes by 2029.

This year, the winners were selected from more than 70 applicants across the country which were screened for their unique technology and business model with strong focus on scale-up potential and climate impact.

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Ravi Singh, Secretary General & CEO, WWF India said, “The Climate Solver platform showcases innovative climate solutions emerging from the SME sector across the country. Over the years, the winners have demonstrated impactful and scalable technology solutions as well as business models that have the potential to address issues of climate change while providing strong co-benefits in terms of local environmental improvements.”


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