Instagram to discover and grow Chennai creators with the second edition of ‘Born on Instagram’

Chennai: Instagram today announced the second edition of the ‘Born on Instagram’ program, to discover and grow creators from Chennai. The program will give creators the knowledge to best leverage Instagram with all new features added in 2020, especially focussing on Reels.

Instagram has completed 10years and through this journey the platform has evolved, in keeping with the focus on young people and creators. This evolution has included the shift from just a photo-sharing app, to adding Stories, Live, IGTV and now Reels. Reels is the newest feature on Instagram, to help people create and share short form entertaining content on Instagram. The best part about Reels is that you don’t need a large following. The best content will be discovered by Instagram’s large and diverse community through the dedicated ‘Reels tab’ and the space in ‘Explore’. Creativity from creators like Ganesh Ram K (@peppa_foodie), Anusha Swamy (@anushaswamy), and Simran Jain (@simranbalarjain) are already seeing success on Instagram, since the launch of Reels.

The ‘Born on Instagram’ program, in its second year now, will continue to focus on the discovery and growth of creators, but with a special focus on the new features on the platform. Manish Chopra, Director and Head of Partnerships, Facebook India, said, “Born on Instagram is a unique program that creates an institutional learning environment for creators, so as to better understand and leverage Instagram. We’re aiming to ignite the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit we’re seeing from creators in Chennai, so as to facilitate the discovery of the next big digital content creators from India.”

The program is open for creators across India and it offers a bouquet of benefits over 6months offers one-on-one partner management, sessions on best practices of the platform, video storytelling techniques, mentorship by celebrated creators, create-together opportunities and other useful resources. To register for the program:

This announcement was made at the Facebook Fuel For India event, which is a platform to showcase the most powerful stories of change in India, and the way Facebook is bringing together its products, programs, and plans to fuel these journeys and India’s progress.

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