InstaPreps by 7 Classes, founded by Super30 & IITB alumni, to provide free IIT/ NEET coaching with ‘ Go Girls’ flagship program

Mumbai: In a bid to promote girl child education, InstaPreps by 7 Classes, world’s first confidence diagnosis-based e-learning platform, has announced the launch of ‘Go Girls’, an initiative to provide free IIT/NEET coaching to underprivileged girl child.


As per the initiative, 7 girls will be selected, following a series of tests and screening, and would be mentored for IIT JEE or NEET examinations.


The Go Girls initiative is modeled on the concept of “ Super 30” that coaches only 7 students in a batch. The program has currently secured the sponsorship of 35 students and one batch of NEET has started out of 1500 applications for the program which is sponsored by Mr Sanjay Nawalkha (Former Chairperson of department of finance university of Massachusetts), with an aim to get 7/7 placed in government medical colleges.


Founded by a team of IIT-B, NIT & Super30 alumni – Anup Raaj (IITB alumnus, ex-CTO PSTakeCare acquired by K. Ganesh’s Portea and a student of Super30 Fame Anand Kumar), Arun Kumar Gupta, Ranjan Kumar Soni (NIT JSR Alumnus) and Arvind Patel (IITB Alumnus), with extended founding member Hemant Singh Rajput, Ritesh Rathore & Krutika Solanki. InstaPreps by 7Classes has built an innovative educational framework wherein only seven students are allowed in one batch.


Talking about the initiative, Anup Raaj, Cofounder of 7Classes, said, “ These girls come from very modest backgrounds but have the aspiration and determination to become a doctor and are very diligent and focused. InstaPreps by 7classes platform will provide in the form of Go Girls Scholarship programs.”


Talking about the challenges in the market and need to reinvent EdTech, Raaj said, “Even in 21st-century, education for girls takes a backseat due to lack of resources, infrastructure, safety concerns and inhibitions on sending them to other cities for higher education.Gender inequality has deterred education for girls in India for a long time.”


In 2017, 32 percent of girls were not enrolled in school in comparison to 28 percent of boys. A male’s education in India is more valued, therefore; it is often seen as unnecessary to financially support a girl’s education. In villages, gender roles lead to a third of girls in India marrying off their educational futures. As high as 47 percent of the girls in India are subject to marriage by 18 years of age. This leads to early pregnancies, which makes it impossible to attend school as they must shoulder the stigma and the additional workload.


Company has planned to secure scholarships for more than 1000 girls with the right type of collaboration & partnerships.