INTAS launches THYMOTAS – a patented powerful immuno-booster add-on to standard COVID-19 treatment

New Delhi: Intas announces the launch of Thymotas – a novel, patented research formulation of Thymoquinone that fortifies immunity and ensures higher success in fighting infection. Thymotas has beentested clinically as a significant add-on to the standard COVID-19 treatment.
Thymoquinone (Thymotas) is the active biological component of Nigella sativa, [also known as Kalonji, Black Cumin (Kali Jeeri)]. There are various scientific publications available that prove Thymoquinone’s multiple pharmacologically beneficial properties. Thymoquinone has been developed as a stable, standardized and ready-to-use tablet by Intas for the first time in the world.
Thymotas fortifies immunity and fights infections through multimodal actions such as Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Immuno-modulatory and Antioxidant. Thymotas’ anti-viral effects have been demonstrated via an in-vitro test against SARS-CoV2 and has tremendous potential as a potent add-on to the standard treatment in COVID-19.
Dr Alok Chaturvedi, Senior Vice-President & Head-Medical Affairs said: “In the current pandemic, Thymotas 12.5 mg is very successful in building immunity and combating infections effectively.”
Manufactured in a WHO-GMP certified plant, Thymotas as an immunity booster & prophylaxis is recommended one tablet of 12.5 mg daily after meals or as directed by the physician. As an adjunct to infection treatment, Thymotas is recommended up to 50 mg per day after meals based on the severity of infection or as directed by the physician. Thymotas is to be swallowed as a whole and not to be crushed or chewed.

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