Intelligent Automation: Enabling Bots with Brain, a webinar session by JK Technosoft Ltd.

Noida :Customer experience and productivity of employees has always been the topmost priority for every organization. We always think about how to eliminate repetitive and redundant tasks in our day to day life, so that it can enable employees to focus more on important tasks which can add value to an organization. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has always been the solution here but automating processes without human interventions limit its adoption. This is where the need for intelligent and hyper-automation comes which is capable of not only mimicking human tasks but can also learn and make decisions.

In this episode of the webinar series, JK Technosoft is coming live together with UiPath, a leader in Robotic Process Automation by Gartner. The session will discuss how Intelligent Automation (IA) empowers Robotic Process Automation with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities for end-to-end automation that covers the phases of process identification, automation, optimization, and orchestration of a business process involved in creating a robot teamed up with humans. This will further focus on enhancing the efficiency of various processes with hyper-automation related features that UiPath has come up with.

Through this Webinar, organizations, as well can get insists on –

– Current trends of Automation.

– What is Intelligent Automation?

– Why Intelligent Automation?

– Benefits of Intelligent Automation over RPA.

– How Intelligent Automation helps organizations accelerate digital transformation and prepare better for future unprecedented times?

– How to embrace the Intelligent Automation journey?

The Webinar will go live on Wednesday, 16th September 2020, and will be led by JK Technosoft and UiPath thought leaders, Mr. David Elliston, Senior Presales Engineer, UK&I, UiPath, Mr. Sandeep L. Joice, Technical Lead – Intelligent Automation, JK Technosoft & Ms. Vaishnavi Hingankar, Senior Specialist – Intelligent Automation, JK Technosoft.

Commenting on the webinar, Mr. Sandeep L. Joice, Technical Lead – Intelligent Automation, JK Technosoft, said, “To sustain in today’s fast-paced world, where business dynamics are changing every day, it is extremely essential for an organization to adapt to the changing technological environments. In the present scenario as well as in the future, companies must act sensibly, leverage the right mix of technologies in various processes, or they will be left behind in this era of digitalization”