Interaction between PetrSU and Scientific and Technical Center “Mehanotronika”

An online meeting of representatives of the Physicotechnical Institute of PetrSU, as well as specialists of the Karelian branch of IDGC of the North-West and the Karelian Regional Dispatch Office with the head of the training center LLC STC “Mehanotronika” on cooperation issues took place.
The purpose of the meeting is to equip the educational and material base of the Physicotechnical Institute with modern microprocessor equipment, allowing students and young specialists in the field of relay protection and automation to gain additional knowledge and skills for further work at enterprises and large energy companies.

LLC STC “Mehanotronica” has recently been a subsidiary of such a giant in the electric power industry as Schneider Electric , and has been presenting its products on the market for over 30 years. At the moment, the company provides universities with the opportunity to use their equipment for training students and improving the skills of specialists in the field of relay protection and automation, and also conducts seminars and lectures directly within the walls of higher educational institutions.

Currently, work is underway to draw up and conclude a mutually beneficial agreement on further cooperation.

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