Interaction of PetrSU with the Segezha District in the educational sphere

In the framework of interaction and cooperation between PetrSU and Segezha municipal district, on August 31, Director of the Interdistrict Resource Center of PetrSU in Segezha E.Yu. Guseva took part in a plenary meeting of heads of educational institutions of Segezha municipal district.
The meeting was attended by the head of the Administration of the Segezha municipal district M.L. Guseva, Head of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of the Administration of the Segezhsky District, Ye.B. Pinyazhin, as well as heads of educational institutions of the Segezhsky district and others.

E.Yu. Guseva made a presentation on the implementation of PetrSU activities in the region within the framework of cooperation and the implementation of the flagship university development program. She told about the events planned to be held in the Segezha region in the new academic year.

The majority of PetrSU events remain in a remote format, without losing their quality and significance. All competitions, Olympiads, conferences, meetings and master classes are held on the Zoom platform. The emphasis was placed on the events from experts, teachers of PetrSU in the direction of providing methodological support to teachers in preparing schoolchildren for passing the Unified State Exam.

In addition, in the new academic year in Segezha, face-to-face events are planned from the Physico-Technical Institute of PetrSU and the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism of PetrSU, said Elena Yurievna.

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