Interactive webinar on mental health immunity, experts gave tips to parents


Gurugram: In this covid 19 era, The negative impact seen in our surroundings made everyone panic where consultation is important to come out of negative scenarios towards positive bloom.KIIT World School Gurgaon organized an interactive webinar on mental immunity and health. The speaker and Life Coach, Meenu Chopra and Counselling Psychologist Garima Patwari shared their views and consulted in the webinar –‘How to cope up with emotions during COVID Times and Stay positive’. Garima patwari asked students to stick to a daily routine and engage in physical exercise to alleviate stress,


Garima Patwari said “In COVID times we need to take care of our health through boosting our immunity and working towards mental fitness as well. We used to care for our health and diet but forgot to maintain mental health, to be mentally strong will add up in defeating the COVID virus.” She further added, there are different ways to keep oneself mentally strong in which you need to keep yourself away from negativity, read books, and for parents staying away from social media will keep away from stress and pressure.


Author and Life- Coach, Meenu Chopra advising the students and others said, “Keeping the mental health is very crucial for everyone and pandemic situations give a negative atmosphere everywhere, it’s important for us to be motivated and keep ourselves positive.”


Neelima Kamrah, Principal, KIIT World School shared her thoughts & opinion and said, “Try to practice ‘Mindfulness’ which means keeping the presence of mind in present will help in this pandemic. Keeping the mental immunity is important where one should accept the negative things also and learn to handle the situation, taking the right decision in the journey of their life.”


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