International Centre for Clean Water at IIT Madras to Collaborate with Japanese Firm DG TAKANO to bring in new water technologies to India

Chennai: The International Centre for Clean Water (ICCW) is going to collaborate with DG TAKANO, a Japanese firm, to introduce new clean water technologies in India.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to the partnership between ICCW and DG TAKANO was signed recently to collaborate on projects on clean water and to develop innovative products that will solve existing societal and environmental challenges in the area of clean and safe drinking water globally.

India is one of the world’s most water-stressed countries. According to UNICEF, due to waterborne diseases, India is facing an economic burden of approximately US $600 million per year.

Speaking about this collaboration, Prof. T. Pradeep, Institute Professor, IIT Madras, and Professor-in-charge, ICCW, said, “Conserving water efficiently needs technological partnerships between nations. This is a timely beginning.”

DG TAKANO will provide its expertise on cutting-edge Japanese sustainable technologies, support ICCW to collaborate with Japanese companies to develop innovative products and technologies. It will also hire interns from IIT Madras. Both ICCW and DG TAKANO will jointly develop new products and services that relate to the projects.

Elaborating on the areas of collaboration, Mr. Amuro Osman, Head of Global Sales and Marketing, DG TAKANO, said, “The projects we undertake will be in the fields of clean water, water treatment, water security and stewardship covering raw water and wastewater.”

To resolve the water crisis, ICCW and DG TAKANO will undertake new projects and will conduct joint R&D. The projects will focus on the implementation of proven technology, field testing of emergent technology, developing new technology, educational training and internship programs.

ICCW will provide technical capabilities including analysis of groundwater, clean water, treated water, assessment of water security, selection and development of the most appropriate technology and its implementation, local technical training and maintenance support.

ICCW will also conduct research, testing and validation of various water technology solutions of DG TAKANO, including the company’s water-saving nozzle called ‘Bubble90’ in India. The Bubble90 can save 90 per cent water when attached to a faucet.

Another challenge facing India is groundwater depletion. About two-thirds of the total districts in India are under extreme water depletion and, 54 per cent of the country faces high to extremely high- water stress.


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