International Conference on ‘Genomics and Proteomics Pertaining to Biological Sciences’ begins at AMU

Aligarh: A three-day International Conference on ‘Genomics and Proteomics Pertaining to Biological Sciences’ began today at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

Organised by the Interdisciplinary Biotechnology Unit (IBU), the conference aims to bring together scientists, researchers and clinical development experts working on various aspects of genomics and proteomics. The three day event is being held at the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC) auditorium.

Speaking at the inaugural function of the conference, the Chief Guest, Prof Seyed E Hasnain, Vice Chancellor, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi said: “This will be a century of biology as there is so much to explore in the study of genes, genetic variation, heredity in organisms, unique genetic code and functioning of human heart and brain.”

He pointed out that path breaking researchers in the field will dominate the future Noble prizes. “Biological sciences have continued to present challenges to human inquiry since the discovery of the single cell to the ability of sequencing every individual human genome in a matter of minutes,” Prof Hasnain added.

Principles governing biological systems are highly dynamic and evolving, he said.

Prof Hasnain emphasised: “While the debate about the importance of nature and nurture in human evolution continues, nature itself is now being redefined as not just our own genes but also the genes of other organisms that live within our body and are orders of magnitude more complex than our own genome.”

Presiding over the inaugural function, AMU Pro Vice Chancellor, Professor Akhtar Haseeb said that he is optimistic for the event to be successful as the theme of the conference is applicable to a wide audience.

“The deliberations in the conference will surely benefit academicians, researchers and students as the speakers will share their knowledge and experiences with them,” said Prof Haseeb.

“The conference will update young scientists about the latest technologies for research and development and will provide a great opportunity to share knowledge and fascinating discoveries. This platform will also establish scientific collaborations between different laboratories at national and international levels,” said Prof Qayyum Husain, Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences.

Convener of the conference and Coordinator, IBU, Prof Asad Ullah Khan said, “We are here to explore recent advancements and new methodologies that can be applied to take genomics and proteomics, one step further.”

He added that this conference is an excellent setting for participants to gain valuable insight into progress related to research areas beyond their own.

Attending the function as a Guest of Honour, Dr Zsolt Ablonczy, Adjunct Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Medical University of South Carolina delineated characteristics of ‘Imaging Mass Spectrometry’.

Dr Ablonczy also shared how he struggled to reach the best research institutes in the United States of America from his humble family life in a Hungarian village in Europe.

Dr Waseem Ahmad Siddiqui proposed the vote of thanks, while Farheen Akhtar conducted the programme.