International conference “Practical Psychology and New Reality” was held at the Russian State Humanitarian University


On February 25-26 an international conference “Practical Psychology and New Reality” was held at the Russian State Humanitarian University in Moscow.
The main issues were psychological support in the era of a pandemic, the search for new methods of assistance, the development of stress resistance programs. Associate professor, candidate of psychological sciences, system psychotherapist of the Department of Theory and Methods of General and Professional Education of PetrSU Yulia Yuryevna Teryushkova became a participant and presenter of the master class “Music of our couple”.

She took part in a round table where the issues of the new reality and the changes that the pandemic brought about were discussed. Scientists from different countries shared their observations and research results.

The students and participants of the conference were most interested in the consequences of the isolation of peoples, individuals and families.
The main part of the conference was master classes, author’s living rooms, where psychologists presented their methods of working with post-pandemic syndromes.

Yulia Yuryevna Teryushkova touched upon the problems that can arise in couples during a pandemic and after entering a new reality.

The method of music therapy for partners is the most environmentally friendly and careful. Through music, playing musical instruments together, partners get the opportunity to understand each other, talk about their experiences, and feel the energy of each. The participants of the author’s master class were able to immerse themselves in their experiences and find a solution to some issues.

The Russian State Humanitarian University in Moscow met the participants of the conference amicably and created all the conditions so that no one would feel the post-pandemic syndrome.

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