International e-Conference ‘VIJIGISHU 2021’ inaugurated at Amity

New Delhi:  A three-day International e-Conference ‘VIJIGISHU 2021’ on  “Delineating Global Power Dynamics in Asia Pacific” being organized by Amity Institute International Studies (AIIS), Amity University Noida in collaboration with Nepal Institute for International Cooperation and Engagement (NIICE). More than 400 participants from over 50 organizations are participating in this conference which will deliberate upon Asia- Pacific issues and Challenges.


Ambassador. Anil Trigunayat, Member of the Indian Foreign Service and Distinguished Fellow Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) said this international conference is very important in the present time. The global power is moving towards the Asia Pacific region. This decade is a decade of significance for all of us in which both creation and demolition is taking place. The pandemic has affected the world and taught us how to deal with four challenges i.e Health, Hunger, Climate Change and High Technology. If a country wants to be successful then they have to pay attention towards these four challenges. India always try to solve mutual problems and help other countries also. From this pandemic, India has learnt to develop its own global supply chain. We should also to adopt these policies and contribute towards the nation building” said the Ambassador.

Vice Admiral Pradeep Chauhan, Director General, National Maritime Foundation, New Delhi said every country has geo-economic goals and non-geo-economic goals. Foreign policy is based on military power and diplomacy. The strategic geography of one country cannot be expected to be similar to that of another. We have named our strategic geography “The Indo Pacific”. Describing the maritime policy, Mr. Chauhan said that our aim is to secure Indian borders from sea-based threats, to bring stability in relations with Indian maritime neighbors.

Prof. Anuradha Chenoy, Adjunct Faculty, Former Dean of School of International Studies, JNU, New Delhi said Asia Pacific is currently becoming the main region of the world powers. He expressed his views on the situation in Afghanistan including various areas such as tensions between America and China, relations with India’s neighboring countries etc.

Dr. Balvinder Shukla, Vice Chancellor, Amity University said this conference will help the students to understand the changes taking place in the Asia Pacific region which will reflect the impact of different perspectives. Many of you students will represent the country under the Foreign Service tomorrow, in such a situation it is necessary for the students to have knowledge of the country’s diplomacy. Dr. Shukla said the conference would provide an opportunity for the research scholars to explore new topics of research. The main objective of the conference is to gain knowledge, explore joint research opportunities and build mutual relations.

During the technical session of the three day conference, topics Dr. Varun Gulati, Associate Professor, Dr. Ambedkar international Centre will present his views bilateral relations among Asia Pacific Nations; Prof. Kriti Mahajan, Director, Student’s welfare, IIPA, New Delhi will share her views on Global Powers Equation in Asia Pacific ,Dr. Niti Bhasin Associate Professor, Delhi School of Economics will share her ideas on Economic and Social Trends in Asia Pacific, Prof. Satish Kumar, Professor, School of Social Sciences, IGNOU, New Delhi will share his views on India and Asia Pacific, Col Vijay Chenji, Indus International Research Foundation, UP will share his ideas on Asia Pacific and Architecture etc.