International e-Symposium on “Smart Polymers: Applications in Current Scenario” (SPACS) inaugurated at Amity University

New Delhi: An International e- Symposium on the theme “Smart Polymers: Applications in Current Scenario” (SPACS) was inaugurated at Amity University Uttar Pradesh. The two-day virtual symposium is being organized by Amity Institute of Applied Sciences (AIAS) in collaboration with Asian Polymer Association (APA) with a host of speakers and delegates participating from across the globe.

Prof Seeram Ramakrishna, Chair, Circular Economy Task Force, NUS, Singapore in his keynote address shared views on the topic “Future Healthcare Technologies: Intelligent Materials and Systems”. He averred that the covid-19 has disturbed the lifestyle of more than 6 billion people worldwide and has made health gain significant importance. He further added that the last two decades have seen biomaterials being developed for Bio-Printing, Tissue Engineering, Nanomedicine, Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cells & Diagnostics.

Prof Ramakrishna stated that looking ahead there will be a seamless integration of living tissues and organs with engineered systems and digital technologies. Also, one will be able to redesign their own mind via advances in AI, Neural interfaces, Quantum chips, Quantum biology, Psychedics, Wearables and Augmented brain, among others. He shared that there is a huge opportunity for research in developing medicines more suitable to females. He suggested to students that right attitude & motivation can help students leverage their intelligence.

He averred that the future of biomaterials will see the development of ‘Intelligent Biomaterials’ that are capable of processing external signals as well as internally generated signals to take actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goal. Also, intelligent biomaterials contribute to further enhancing the healthcare outcomes and human well-being.

Dr. Ashok. K. Chauhan, Founder President, Amity Education Group stated that such platforms lead to collaborations and synergies of minds. He asked students to emulate the teachings from the symposium to develop & hone their skills. Dr. Chauhan averred that the outcomes from the event will help to formulate collaborations to further foster research, assist in innovation and called for concrete implementable recommendations post the symposium.

Prof. Bhuvanesh Gupta, President, APA, Professor, IIT Delhi & Chairperson, SPACS-2021 welcomed the stalwarts working in the various scientific fields and acknowledged their efforts to train & inspire the young minds. He shared that polymer has a multi-directional utility & approach and such initiatives can inspire the students to explore the world of polymers, contributing to the growth of the nation.

Dr. W. Selvamurthy, President ASTIF, AUUP pledged the contribution of Amity University to the mission of APA and also towards various national missions including Make In India & Atmanirbhar Bharat. He added that the decade of innovation is making India move towards becoming a knowledge superpower. He stated that smart materials have both strategic and civilian applications & thus hold great significance.

Prof. (Dr.) Sunita Rattan, Director, Amity Institute of Applied Sciences, and Chairperson, SPACS-2021 stated the significant importance of smart polymers across fields and how the symposium looked to bring together researchers from across the globe to discuss, deliberate and formulate collaborations to delve further into the smart materials area.

The Abstract Booklet of the various lectures and flash talks of the symposium was also launched virtually during the session. Insights were shared on topics including “Polylactic acid/cellulose nanofiber/graphene oxide hybrid nanocomposite as multi-functional active film”; “State of the art recycle technology of thermoplastic waste to thermoplastic composite products”; “Smart ECM based Electro spun Biomaterials for Skeletal Muscle Regeneration” and “Use of radiation technology in the development of active packaging material in the food industry based on polyethylene & silver zeolite” among others.


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