International Education Day is marked by celebrations around the world

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) promotes today (24) several events around the world as part of the celebrations for the International Education Day. The theme for this year International Day is “Learning for people, planet, prosperity, and peace” and calls attention to the need to rethink education from a more integrated and humanistic approach.

The Organization will promote debates and events in different parts of the world. In New York (USA), the GEM Report will launch its new online tool to measure education progress around the world. In Paris, UNESCO holds a conference in partnership with the CRI (Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity) to discuss new perspectives for global education. Click here for more information.

The global initiative “Futures of Education” is another highlight in this year’s celebration. UNESCO’s Futures of Education aims to rethink education and shape the future. The initiative is catalyzing a global debate to reimagine a common agenda for education. To learn more and contribute, click here.

In Brazil, UNESCO presents the version in Portuguese of the publication “Protecting the right to education for refugees”. This publication aims at providing an overview of the international legal framework protecting the right to education of refugees worldwide, including the obligations of States, as well as the main current issues. To access the online version, click here.