International experts analyze the future of universities in times of crisis

The rector of the Catholic University, Ignacio Sánchez, participated in a book published by the University Industry Innovation Network organization that collected 45 testimonies from authorities of foreign higher education institutions on how study houses will promote knowledge.

“The book of ideas on the future of universities – Universities in times of crisis” is the name of a work that collects 45 testimonies from various authorities and international experts in the field of higher education, including the opinion of the rector of the Catholic University, Ignacio Sánchez.

The text is promoted by the University Industry Innovation Network entity , a network that seeks to promote innovation and increase employability in higher education. In the midst of one of the most serious global health crises that humanity has faced, the work seeks to “observe, learn and gather inspiration from the actions implemented by universities” during the pandemic.

“Beyond the health crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing unique economic and social challenges. As a result, the crisis has stimulated universities, industry and societies around the world to generate closer labor relations that reach unprecedented levels ”, indicates the book edited by Balzhan Orazbayeva, Arno Meerman, Victoria Galan Muros, Todd Davey and Carolin Plewa.

Among the experts who participated in the work are leaders from various world universities and also international authorities, such as Peter Wells, Unesco’s head of higher education , and Mariya Gabriel, the European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth.

“Imagine a more humane society” is the title of the chapter of the UC rector, Ignacio Sánchez. In his speech, he highlights how the pandemic has pushed us to investigate the deepest aspects of human existence. “The pandemic has caused a strong feeling of uncertainty and now we must recognize that we do not know what will happen in the future,” he says.

In this context “the pandemic has accentuated the relevance of teaching and has allowed the development of new knowledge.” According to Ignacio Sánchez, “areas such as science, economics, urban design, medicine, among others, must consider the needs of people to contribute to a better quality of life. Universities can contribute greatly to the challenge posed by this pandemic ”.

The rector concludes that “these collective efforts must be put at the service of the common good. It is possible to imagine a more humane society ”.