International interdisciplinary project of PetrSU and Karl Eberhard University

Since March 2021, an international interdisciplinary project UNICSOC – UNIVERSITIES, CIVIL SOCIETY, PUBLIC WELLBEING AND CRISIS … The project is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) within the Ost-West-Dialog 2021 program.
The project leader is Dr. R. Frankenberger (Institute of Political Sciences of the University of Tübingen), the coordinator on the part of the Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences of PetrSU is Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign History, Political Science and International Relations E.I. Chernenkov.

The seminar is aimed at studying and comparative analysis of the role of local authorities and administrations, non-governmental organizations and universities in ensuring local well-being in modern conditions using the example of twin cities

In the spring of 2021, project teams were formed on the basis of a competitive selection. On the part of IIPSN, 8 students are involved in the project, representing three areas of training: “Political Science”, “International Relations”, “Social Work”. On the German side – 6 students, bachelors and undergraduates studying in similar areas. The work of students is organized with the participation of teachers of the Institute of Social and Social Sciences, associate professors of the Department of Foreign History, Political Science and International Relations E.I. Chernenkova and E.Yu. Tsumarova, employees of the Department of Sociology and Social Work, Associate Professor Yu.A. Petrovskaya, senior teachers D.I. Sachuka, I.S. Petukhova, the participation of experts N.V. Lavrushina, D.S. Kislov.

At the first stage of the project in March 2021, the teachers of PetrSU conducted a series of classes on methodology and research methods. In April – June, joint classes were held for the united student project team in the form of online events with the involvement of Russian and German teachers and experts.

On April 26, the first lesson on the topic “Multilevel Government, Federalism and Local Politics” took place. Lecturer – Dr. R. Frankenberger, D.S. Kislov acted as an invited expert.

On May 3, a lesson was held on the topic “Local self-government: The Cases of Germany and Russia / Karelia and Baden-Württemberg”. The lesson used materials prepared by Dr. R. Frankenberger and E. I. Chernenkova. N.V. Lavrushina acted as an invited expert.

On May 17, DI Sachuk acted as an expert from the Russian side in a lesson on “Welfare, Wellbeing and Social Security”.

On May 31, a lecture for students on the topic “Welfare, Wellbeing and Social Security: The Cases of Russia and Germany, Karelia and Baden-Württemberg” was delivered by Dr. Frankenberger and Yu.A. Petrovskaya.

June 7, Yu.A. Petrovskaya and Professor of the University of Tübingen D.Boer discussed the experience of Russia and Germany on the topic “Social innovation”.

At the joint classes ending in the second half of June, students will listen to lectures on the topics of Local governance: Actors / Interest Groups (with the participation of D. I. Sachuk), “Administration, Civil Society and the Role of NGOs in welfare production” (with the participation of N. V. Lavrushina), “Education systems and the Role of Universities in welfare production” (with the participation of Yu.A. Petrovskaya)

German practical experts, representatives of the Administration of the city of Tübingen were involved in the classes at this stage. On June 14, the vice-mayor of Tübingen for culture, sports and social protection Daniela Harsch joined the discussion of the problems of urban social policy, the role of social dialogue, the peculiarities of youth participation in the implementation of municipal policy . There are several more meetings of a similar nature ahead.

In parallel, independent research work of students on cases is organized with scientific advice from the teachers – participants of the project .

The final event of the project will be an international school with the participation of students from PetrSU and the University of Tübingen, within the framework of which the joint work of bilateral project teams and a public presentation of the project results are planned.

PetrSU teachers and experts from the Russian side are in constant dialogue with German partners, discussing the formats of the upcoming event.


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