International Jazz Festival in Uzbekistan April 30 – May 18, 2022

The Sixth International Jazz Festival in Uzbekistan will be held from April 30 to May 18, 2022. The festival is held on the occasion of the celebration of the International Jazz Day, which was officially proclaimed worldwide by UNESCO in 2011. It is organized under the auspices of the UNESCO Tashkent Office by the Arts and Culture Foundation of Uzbekistan, the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan and Khakimiyat of Tashkent city with the generous support and participation of embassies of: France, Germany, Hungary, India, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland and the USA.

The Head of the UNESCO Office in Tashkent, Mr. Alexandros Makarigakis, stated that: “Jazz is an art of self-expression. A jazz musician is more than a simple performer; he or she is an art creator in the audience’s eyes. creating an art piece once and forever! UNESCO believes in the power of jazz to promote peace, dialogue and understanding between people and nations. The aim of our festival is to provide opportunities for jazz musicians from Uzbekistan and abroad to celebrate this universal language, cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue through various music events. As the famous Jazz artist – Bill Evans said: “Jazz is not a what, it is a how.”

The International Jazz Day is an event organized annually to mark “The growing international awareness of jazz as a force that promotes peace, unity, dialogue and broadening people-to-people contacts.” And also, this day is one of the most important musical events in the world, including Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan has joined the Global Jazz Celebration since 2015. Ever since, year after year, the festival is growing and extended. Within the framework of the current Festival approximately 20 concerts of jazz performers from abroad and Uzbekistan will be held at the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan, which will serve as a main platform and celebrates its 85th year anniversary, as well as open-air concert in Itchan-Kala, Khiva, concerts in Oghahiy Regional Musical Drama Theatre in Urgench and Musical Drama Theatre in Bukhara and Ilkhom Theatre. In addition, master classes and jam sessions will be organized in Uspenskiy Music School, Circus College in Tashkent, the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan, the “Bonum Factum” Gallery in Tashkent and “Maqom” bar in Tashkent as well as the Music College in Bukhara.

It is important to highlight that traditionally the participants of the festival are a large number of jazz stars from different countries who come to Uzbekistan not only to showcase their skills but to also extend their network and become a member of the international Jazz society. Celebrities such as Tim Borner (Germany), Ginetta’s Vendetta (USA), Igor Butman and Russian Jazz Orchestra (Russia), Gregory Privat Trio (France), Aga Zaryan and Mickal Tokaj (Poland), Ayk Grigoryan Quintet (Armenia), Benny & The Jazz Collective-Benedict Lazarus (India), Milo Suchomel and Pavol Bereza (Slovakia), Flora Kiss and Matyas Toth (Hungary), Pat Appleton, the voice of De-Phazz (Germany), Malcolm Braff and Claire Huguenin (Switzerland), Tony Momrelle (UK), Melvin Travis and Cheremizov Quartet (France&Russia), Jazzirama (Uzbekistan), Sabina Mustaeva (Uzbekistan) are among the participants of the current year.

The festival program and information about the Festival will be posted on the websites and official Instagram and Facebook pages of the festival organizers, UNESCO and the participating embassies, as well as in the media.

The information about tickets and invitations is on the following link:

All the money gathered from tickets cost will be deposited to charity.

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