International Law and Order Discussion Platform: International Law and World Order in the 20th Century


2nd year undergraduate students of PetrSU, studying in the direction of training “International Relations”, take the first, but already very confident steps in the study of international law in English.
On the basis of the Resource Center for Modern Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages ​​(KIYAGN), the first stage of the project to create a discussion platform has been completed, which will allow future international specialists, political scientists, historians and students of social science specialties in the virtual space to discuss issues of modern international law, foreign policy and diplomacy. Within a month and a half, 2nd year students of the IIPSN (direction of training “International Relations”) under the guidance of Art. Rev. A. V. KIYAGN Ananyina discussed the topic of violations of international law and the role of international treaties as an instrument of international cooperation.

International students are ready not only to discuss topical issues of politics and law, but also to conduct such discussions in English, one of the languages ​​of their future profession. At the same time, it is important to find effective tools for remote communication and provide students with the opportunity to independently set the direction of the discussion, as well as organize communication and record the results obtained. As part of the first series of events, students created video presentations, conducted Q&A sessions, worked with infographics, and also tried their hand at organizing discussion panels, moderating discussions and creating a podcast.