‘ International Maritime · Safe War ,’ ‘ Marin Conference “,” Maritime Safety Forum , participated and held

Our University “2020 International Maritime · Safe War ‘ participated in ‘ Marin Conference ‘ and ‘ Maritime Safety Forum , held last month in Busan and Incheon Songdo Convensia Asti hotels in the Grand Ballroom .

International Marine Safety War Marine & Safety Equipment Specialized Exhibition of Marine Police and Incheon Metropolitan City and co-hosted by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Industry usually the Ministry the National Police Agency Republic of Korea Navy Korea Society the Korea Maritime Institute and our ceremony college-sponsored .

Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation is an international marine – safe charging academic-industrial participated in the exhibition ETRS education programs of the Center , MASTC ( Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Applied Technology Demonstration Center electric propulsion system demonstration test bed , KIAL ( Intelligent Robotics and Automation Laboratory of RHUG, complex marine drones MIND , gas Solutions Center Heli Kai foundations of Korea Maritime University technology holding shares subsidiary of ㈜ koahyi , ㈜ introduced the Safe-driven products .

MASTC ‘s electric propulsion system test bed installed in the exhibition booth received attention from various research institutes In addition, KIAL ‘s video on multi-marine drones and Skyeye proved its technological prowess and through this , it became an opportunity to widely publicize our university’s excellent marine research achievements .

The Komarin Conference is Korea’s representative shipbuilding and maritime industry conference, consisting of the opening remarks by President Dok-hee and presentations by keynote speakers .

Keynote speaker Martin-stop Ford Clarkson Research as (Martin Stopford) The President ‘ Corona 19 since the future of the maritime industry announced about Jacques dam of Eindhoven University of Technology (Jacques Dam) Professor ‘ LNG through hydrogen enrichment technology of GHG 2050 regulatory response possibilities ‘ announced for .

In particular, it was an opportunity to gather experts’ opinions on the future of the maritime industry and share strategies to maximize growth, discussing ways to overcome the crisis facing the shipbuilding and offshore industries, and promoting industrial development .

The Maritime Safety Forum was held in the National University Promotion Project, focusing on maritime safety and maritime risk assessment, and dealt with in depth the current status of maritime safety at home and abroad through session-by-session presentations and panel discussions .

Gimuigan Academic Cooperation chapter ” International Marine & Safety at War exhibition was to promote technological excellence of our university ,” said ” joint research and development and technical guidance, etc. received a lot of interest and questions about industry cooperation , we in the maritime and abroad various companies announced that the University successfully , ” he said .