International project of PetrSU and the University of Tübingen

Petrozavodsk State University continues the implementation of the international project “Local Welfare Production and Governance”.
The first online lecture was held within the framework of the next stage of the international project “Local Welfare Production and Governance” implemented by PetrSU jointly with the University of Tübingen under the leadership of Dr. Rolf Frankenberger and Associate Professor, Ph.D. Elena Ivanovna Chernenkova. The project is carried out with financial support DAAD programs.

The new stage of the project implementation involves online lectures for an international group of students of PetrSU and the University of Tübingen, which included representatives from different countries (Russia, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Brazil) and different directions (“Political Science”, “International Relations”, “Sociology” , “Social work”). As part of this stage, lectures are planned by German and Russian teachers, as well as representatives of the expert community.

The first lecture “Multilevel Government, Federalism, and Local Politics” for the international group was delivered by Dr. R. Frankenberger. Associate professor, Ph.D. Yulia Aleksandrovna Petrovskaya and executive director of the Karelian Foundation for the Development of Public Diplomacy Natalya Vyacheslavovna Lavrushina.


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