International publishing platform READera

The department of the united editorial board of scientific journals of PetrSU signed an agreement with LLC “Ridera” in order to provide users of the Readera Platform with the opportunity to search, view, download and freely use articles of scientific journals of PetrSU for information, scientific and educational purposes.
PetrSU journals on the Readera platform are fully formed .

All issues have been added article by article, each article is framed in accordance with the recommendations of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation. Information fields are filled in: topic, authors, additional information about authors, type of publication, heading, abstract, keywords, identifiers, list of references, language of publication, full output data of the publication, etc .; separate additional pages with meta information description in English have been created for articles.

Pages are optimized for international search engines; the issues of the journal are published as a separate publication; for each issue, interactive content with headings and with the possibility of a quick transition to the article of the issue has been added; a general section “Headings” has been formed; filled in the information in the sections “Home”, “For Authors”, “Editorial Board”, “Contacts”; the platform contains external links to the official website of the journal and the website of the publisher; the design of the journal’s profile is designed in a strict scientific style.

An IDR identifier is assigned to each article, it is used to form a permanent and short address on the Readera platform; added DOI identifiers for articles. DOIs on the platform work as hyperlinks and accordingly redirect users to articles posted on the official website of the journal.