International Seminar on “Democracy and Public Policy in India : Choices and Outcomes” at JMI

New Delhi: The Department of Political Science, Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) organized an International Seminar titled “Democracy and Public Policy in India : Choices and Outcomes” on 26 th and 27 th February,2020, commemorating 100 years of the university.
The program was organized under UGC-SAP-DRS-1, in which 40 papers were presented across seven technical sessions, including an International Session on Day -2 of the seminar.
The 1 st day of the seminar began with the inaugural address by the Vice Chancellor JMI Prof. Najma Akhtar who also released the Prelude Volume of the book “Public Policy in India ”based on seminar papers. The Chief Guest Prof Richard J Cohen , University of Virginia, USA delivered the keynote address.
In the seminar 15 papers were presented across the three technical sessions on the following themes- Policy Studies as a discipline: Theoretical Framework, The Policy Making Process in Democracies: Advocacy Activism and Enactment and Public Policy in 21 st century India: The Vision, the Means and the Making of policy.
The 2nd day of the seminar opened with International paper presentations at 8:30 am on Skype.
There were four papers presented under the theme “Actors and Institutions Shaping Public Policy and Governance” in the international session by Dr Aroon Manoharan, University of Massachusetts, Boston,USA ; Prof Alasdair Roberts, University of Massachusetts, Amherst ; Dr Jeannine E. Relly, University of Arizona,USA ;Dr Kim Moloney, Murdoch University, Australia.
The two days seminar ended with the valedictory address by Prof l.Ramabrahmam, Vice Chancellor, Central University of Odisha and Vote of thanks was given by Prof Rumki Basu, Deputy Coordinator UGC SAP. A remarkably successful seminar highlighted the major theoretical frameworks, challenges and contemporary themes which are needed to shape Public Policy in India. The department envisions to organize many such events in the near future.

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