International Student of the Polytechnic University Studies Mechanical Engineering and Creates Amazing Paintings

Very versatile students study at Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University. Tanuj NAMBUDRI came to St. Petersburg from India, where he got a bachelor’s degree. At the Polytech, he continues his master’s degree, studies mechanical engineering, and in between he paints. Tanuj himself says about it: “In my free time, I paint pictures and try to say through them that life is amazing. Sometimes it’s difficult, but in the end we always see the best side of it.”

Tanuj NAMBUDRI from India studies at SPbPU and creates amazing pictures

The idea to capture on paper Polytechnic University came to Tanuja recently. He painted the famous Water Tower in bright, juicy colors, and in his blog he told why he had made such a choice:

“This is like a symbol of our university – Peter The Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University, and in the time of the pandemic, this university took care of us like a mother take care of her own child, University helped us with everything from providing us Financial assistance to taking care of our health, they also provided food to some students also, for expressing my gratitude towards the University and the authorities working day-night to help students, and keep everyone safe, I painted this. Another reason was I never got the chance to see the greenery in University Park, so I imagine that the University park looks like this in the summertime, after the lockdown ended I tried to go inside the campus to take the photo in front of this tower but, the university gates are closed from all the sides, so I had to take this picture at the front gate of University”.

SPbPU student Tanuj NAMBUDRI painted the famous Water Tower

Tanuj likes to depict famous people and heroes in his paintings, make sketches of landscapes. This is how he gets to know this world where he dreams of becoming a researcher: “I chose mechanical engineering because I was interested in the mysteries of the Universe from my childhood and always wanted to solve them.  So my childhood dream was to become a scientist”, – Tanuj says.

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