International students of Polytechnic University get ready to receive Master’s degrees

During the pandemic, SPbPU teachers managed to transfer online even the most complex courses. We recently talked about  the students of the joint program of SPbPU and the American Institute for Foreign Studies (AIFS), who had to go back home yet in March  by decision of the US government. Another challenge that the teachers of Polytechnic University met with dignity was the pre-Master’s degree training program. This program has already been implemented on the basis of the Higher School of International Educational Programs for 5 years.

This program is attended by international students who have received a Bachelor’s degree abroad and want to continue their studies in a Master’s degree program in Russia. To give lectures and conduct seminars, the Higher School of Education and Science attracts leading teachers of university institutes. In addition to the Russian language, mathematics, physics and chemistry, students learn to illustrate the results of research work in classes, seminars and conferences, which, by the way, absolutely meets the polytechnic model of education. During the study process, many students publish scientific articles, which are indexed in Scopus, the largest database of peer-reviewed and published journals.

Student from China Yu Yi talked about studying in the pre-Master’s degree program

Despite the distance learning mode, students remain positive. “The pre-Master’s degree training program is quite interesting. I studied the Russian language and other subjects, met with guys from all over the world, significantly improved my knowledge in my area of ​​interest, i.e., electronic information. As a result, I was able to publish an article that was indexed in Scopus. It is devoted to the transition between the substrate of the integrated waveguide and the microwave line.

With the transition to distance learning, much has changed in our lives. I try to find advantages in everything: with the Internet, one can learn from anywhere. One can also organize the learning process at one’s own pace. After the Master’s degree program, I would like to further develop in science and study in postgraduate school,” said Yu. Yi., a student from China.

In the process of training, international students spend a lot of time preparing presentations

“I decided to continue my studies in a Master’s degree program in Russia, because the level of education is quite adequate. I plan to study laser and fiber systems. The pre-Master’s degree training program impressed me pretty much. Teachers are careful and responsible in their conduct of classes. Thanks to their help, not only I could significantly improve my level of spoken Russian, but also mastered a large number of professional terms. All this helped me publish an article on the features of converting images into special audio signals, which is indexed in Scopus.

These days, we are learning remotely. Yes, we temporarily lost the opportunity to communicate in person, but, nevertheless, students’ interest in the lessons remains the same. We actively attend classes, use our computer more actively, train to print texts in Russian; I believe, this is essential for future publications,” commented student from China Zhan JIN.