International trade was conducted from Ujjain in first century B.C.

Bhopal : Merchants of Ujjain used to conduct international trade from Bharuch port of Gujarat in first century B.C. The items of this area were sent abroad by carrying them via Mahishmati (Today’s Maheshwar) route to the port of Bharuch (Old name Berigaja). This information was revealed by the Chief Technical Officer Dr. A. S. Gaur of Marine Archeology in the fourth lecture of web series ‘Under Water Archeology in India’ today. Thousands of years ago, India was an attractive destination for the leading merchants of the World because of its best seaports.

Inaugurating the fourth lecture of the web series ‘Under Water Archeology in India’, Culture Minister Sushri Usha Thakur said that the glorified culture of India cannot be understood without knowing archeology. Archeologists alone have highlighted the glorious culture of India before the world and will always keep on doing the same.

Through presentation, Dr. Gaur informed that Dwarka was prominent seaport in the middle ages and this city still exists today since last thousands of years. He gave detailed information in interesting manner about relics found in large number under sea water. Shri Gaur in his presentation described in detail about relics found under the sea of Dwarka, Bhentdwarka, Mooldwarka, Somnath, Kelsi, Vijaydurg of Maharashtra, Goa, Pumpuhar and Mahabalipuram etc. of Tamil Nadu. The relics found in Gujarat are four to five thousand years old. Similarly, the crafts, tools, buildings and remains of ships are 2 thousand years old. Anchors which have found in large number under the sea are not only thousands of years old but also belong to countries like China, Japan, Thailand and other. Probably, the ships from these countries used to come to India.

The programme organized by the Directorate Archeology Archives and Museums was conducted by the Deputy Director Smt. Geeta Sabharwal. Vote of thanks was proposed by the Archeology Officer Dr. Ramesh Yadav.


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