International webinar on “Dharampal: Historian who rediscovered Indian education” to be organized on October 24

Bhopal : An international webinar will be organised on October 24 from 11 am on the death anniversary of well-known Gandhian thinker and historian Dharampal. The theme of the webinar will be “Dharampal: Historian who rediscovered Indian Education”.

Tourism, Culture and Spirituality Minister Sushri Usha Thakur will be the chief guest at the international webinar to be organized under the joint aegis of Culture Department, Swaraj Sansthan and Dharampal Shodhpeeth, Bhopal. Dean, Gandhi Research Foundation, Jalgaon, will speak on the topic “Life and work of Shri Dharampal” in the webinar. Along with this, Speaker Indian History, Culture and Philosophy researcher Dr. Ankur Kakkar, will render a speech on the topic “Can ‘The Beautiful Tree’ by Dharampal help us implement the new education policy”. Principal Secretary Culture, Tourism and Public Relations, Shri Sheo Shekhar Shukla has said that those interested can join the webinar thourgh the link “” He has given an open invitation to all. The webinar will be broadcast live on the social media platform of mp culture department, radioazadhind, mpculturebpl and mptribalmusum / page.

Dharampal: Historian who rediscovered Indian education

Dharampal (1992–2006) was a Gandhian thinker and historian whose pioneering work challenged and rejected the colonial narrative of Indian education, politics and social structures. Dharampal began his study in 1964 and unveiled a huge corpus of Indian society. Dharampal’s research, which was mainly carried out in the British Library and other archives in England and India, was published as various original publications, including ‘The Beautiful Tree’. “The Beautiful Tree” describes the education system in India in the 18th and early 19th centuries. One of Dharampal’s original contributions was that his work presented a well-documented picture of Indian society before the British rule. Along with this effort to re-evaluate our past, this conference aims to discuss Dharampal’s work and particularly his everlasting contribution to the history of Indian education.