International Workshop on “Trends in Solar Power Generation and Energy Harvesting” in Amity University Dubai Campus

Noida: Amity Institute of Advanced Research & Studies (Materials & Devices) AIARS(M&D) jointly with Centre for Science and Technology of the Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries (NAM S&T Centre) organized International Workshop on “Trends in Solar Power Generation and Energy Harvesting” in Amity University Dubai Campus, Dubai from 27 to 29 March 2017.

NAM S&T Center is an inter-governmental organisation with a membership of 48 countries spread over Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America. The Centre was set up in 1989 in New Delhi, India. It organizes a variety of programmes including Workshops, Symposiums, Trainings and implementation of collaborative projects. It also offers short term research fellowships to scientists from developing countries. In addition, the Centre encourages academics-R&D-industry interaction in the developing countries through its NAM S&T-Industry Network.

The Workshop provided a platform and an opportunity to deliberate on the basics of solar energy conversion, processing technologies, modelling and simulation plus engineering of the small solar generation plants and about distribution of the electricity. During the three day workshop, discussions and deliberations focused upon tailoring of materials processing technologies, manufacturing of solar cells, designing of the panels, issues of the small solar plants, solar thermal energy storage techniques and systems.

Addressing the gathering and sharing his views, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Group stated that as the global demand for energy is currently growing beyond the limits of the installable generation capacity and there is a need to devise an effective energy solution which should be able to address long term issues by utilizing alternative and renewable energy sources such as solar energy which is abundantly available. Sharing an important prediction, he averred that in the coming years, the solar photovoltaics and concentrated solar power would contribute about 16 to 17 percent, respectively, of the worldwide electricity consumption, and solar would be the world’s largest source of electricity. Dr. Chauhan stressed that Solar power either through directly converting sunlight into electricity by using photovoltaics (PV) or by indirect use of concentrated solar energy has a competitive edge over other sources in terms of cost and may serve to sustain the lives of millions of underprivileged people in developing countries.

A large number of distinguished Scientists from NAM countries and India participated in this workshop with over 100 delegates from 25 countries and presented over 65 well researched papers. In addition, there were invited Speakers, oral presentations and posters covering the recent topics in solar energy resulting in a enriching experience for participating scientists. During the workshop as per the NAM S&T Centre Protocol, the participating countries have also adopted a resolution so as to facilitate close interaction and information dissemination amongst scientists from various countries.

During a special session with Dr Ashok K Chauhan, an initiative has been taken by Amity University, which can lead to collaborative programmes and also help in developing training programmes, towards achieving this. During the workshop, a website was also launched “” to facilitate syngery of brains amongst the participating countries.

AIARS (M&D), part of the Amity University UP, Noida is very deeply involved in research and is focused on path-breaking innovations in Science and Technology and is one of the most sought after education destinations.

Amity University Dubai Campus is spread over 7,00,000 sq ft Campus offering education to students from over 50 nationalities. The university offers over 40 focused programmes at the undergraduate and post graduate levels in diverse disciplines of higher education. Amity’s Dubai Campus opens an avenue for new generation students who prefer to pursue education through practical training. It is designed to provide innovative means of education. This being the largest private university in Dubai having Integrated Knowledge Resource Centre, High-tech and course specific laboratories and design studios, state of the classrooms and sports facilities.

The Workshop was organised under the guidance of Dr Ashok K Chauhan, Founder President of Amity Universities and Dr VK Jain, Chairman and Dr Abhishek Verma from Amity University, Noida and Dr M C Pon Selvan from Amity University Dubai. The Workshop was well coordinated by Dr AP Kulshreshtha DG, and Mr M Bandyopadhyay, Senior Expert & Administrative Officer, NAM S&T Center.