International Yoga Day Celebrated at Amity University

New Delhi: Students and faculty members of Amity University gathered virtually to celebrate the International Yoga Day where they were given insights about the various postures and techniques to practice Yoga at home. Dr. Ashok K Chauhan, Founder President, Amity Group of Institution congratulated everyone on the occasion of International Yoga Day. Dr. D.D. Vichitra, President, International Ashtanyog Organization and Dr. Neha Jainer taught Yoga to the students and faculty members.

Dr. D.D. Vichitra stated that Yoga has been part of our culture and tradition and was used by sages and saints even in ancient times to keep the mind and body healthy. Dr. Vichitra gave students detailed insights into various Yoga asanas and poses and also shared their benefits. Dr. Neha Jainer advised students and faculty members to practice only those asanas that they were comfortable doing and not stretch themselves unnecessarily. She also explained various Yoga poses in the sitting and standing position. The session was attended by thousands of students and faculty members.

Dr. S.K. Rajput, Director, Amity Institute of Indian System of Medicine shared how due to Covid-19 the International Yoga Day was being celebrated online this year that is based on the theme “Yoga at Home and “Yoga with Family”” as decided by the United Nation. Amity Institute of Indian System of Medicine began the build up to the celebrations from June 6, 2020 by organizing a series of webinar and discussions informing students and faculty members about the various benefits of Yoga. Dr. Rajput averred that learning and practicing Yoga had become integral during these uncertain times and the entire world has understood the importance of practicing Yoga. He further added that Yoga not only builds our immunity but also gives peace of mind.

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