Interregional conference “Points of intersection as points of growth. NPOs as a resource in times of crisis”

Teachers and students of the Department of Psychology took part in an interregional conference with reports on the problem of emotional burnout of medical workers.
On December 26, Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology Anita Vladislavovna Rumyantseva and a 4th year student Irina Sorokina presented reports on the topic “Diagnosis of emotional burnout of medical workers in the context of the spread of coronavirus infection” and “A strategy for identifying the characteristics of burnout in health care workers with experience in the red zone.”

The reports were made at the round table “Opportunities of NGOs in supporting medical personnel during a pandemic and in the post-crisis period. Rehabilitation potential of cooperation between SO NGOs and government organizations in restoring and maintaining the mental health of medical personnel.” The moderator was Ekaterina Vyacheslavovna Saraeva, director of the Veresk Family Center, a clinical psychologist, a member of the public council of the Ministry of Health of Karelia, public representative of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in the Republic of Karelia in the direction of “Social Projects”.

The round table discussed the experience of Karelia, the Arkhangelsk region and St. Petersburg in working with emotional burnout; current situation and emotional state of medical workers; the possible impact of the pandemic on the mental and psychological health of healthcare workers. A vision of the development of the system of social and psychological support of medical personnel by specialists from different regions of the Russian Federation was presented.

In total, 9 speakers from Moscow, Barnaul, Arkhangelsk, Petrozavodsk and St. Petersburg spoke at the conference. These are the heads of well-known charitable foundations and other socially oriented non-profit organizations, professionals in the field of charity, leaders of social change.

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