Interregional conference “The Future of Karelia”: start of the extramural stage

Petrozavodsk State University has finished accepting applications for participation in the conference and began its correspondence stage.
The conference is attended by schoolchildren of grades 5-8 (direction “Juniors”) and 9-11 grades (direction “Young Researchers”).

This year, a total of 309 works were submitted from 5 regions : the Republic of Karelia , Murmansk , Arkhangelsk and Lipetsk regions and the Republic of Tatarstan .

The greatest activity was demonstrated by students from Karelia, from where 254 works were registered, from the Murmansk region – 49 works, Arkhangelsk – 4 works, one work each from the Lipetsk region and the Republic of Tatarstan.

In 2021, the conference will again be held in absentia. Within a week, the work will undergo an initial check, and then the examination of the work will begin, which is carried out by the teaching staff of PetrSU.

Lists of conference participants will be available on the conference website .

All winners and prize-winners of the XXVI Interregional Open Scientific Research Conference “The Future of Karelia” will receive diplomas, and their scientific supervisors will receive letters of thanks.

The XXVI Interregional Research Conference “The Future of Karelia” is held within the framework of the university’s career guidance and the Development Program of the flagship university with the support of the Office of Pre-University and Career Guidance.

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