Interweave Consulting to help companies understand employee sentiments for inclusive & diverse workplace with I.D.E.A

New Delhi : Interweave Consulting― a professional diversity consulting organization is now helping companies to understand employee sentiments in the context of inclusion, equity and access for a diverse workforce with I.D.E.A. The offering provides a comprehensive framework that covers all relevant areas such as sense of belonging, psychological safety, wellbeing, fairness, equal opportunity and enablers of a virtual workplace.

This reasonably priced offering is likely to be relevant to all organisations, no matter their size or where they stand in their maturity with DEI as a topic. It not only aims to provide a more inclusive and equitable workplace but also means to answer important questions like physical safety of employees, emotional and psychological well-being, impact of development opportunities, impact on certain groups than others, etc. Being a leading DEI consulting firm, Interweave has utilized its years of experience around these topics, particularly of running inclusion diagnostics to design it. In summary, this is a quick and easy step to take towards fulfilling the organisation’s DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) commitments.

“The pandemic has brought a paradigm shift in how we work, what our workplaces look like and the dynamics associated with remote working. As a consulting firm working in the DEI space, we understand the roadblocks that come along the way across various sectors and organizations in understanding these complex yet important topics. With inclusion gaining more prominence with evolving workplace arrangements, trends and behaviours, we believe that I.D.E.A will help companies to gain a significant advantage especially in terms of inclusion and equity,” said spokesperson.

With I.D.E.A. and also with a base of a couple of offerings to build higher order solutions to enable inclusive organizations, Interweave today, is a one stop shop with a suite of offerings – including audits, interactive workshops, innovative e-learning modules and customised consulting solutions. With strategic partnership with renowned global organisations like Catalyst, Out & Equal, DTUI and most recently, empanelment as UN Women’s implementation partner for Women’s Empowerment Principles, Interweave’s reach and impact has carved a special place of credibility and respect for the company. Interweave’s clients represent some of the most marquee of corporate companies across industries with recent forays into the global arena as well.


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