Intramural sports competitions gain momentum across schools of District Kishtwar


KISHTWAR : Intramural sports competition organised as the annual calendar of activities (2022-23) by Youth Services & sports department, in collaboration with Education department has gained momentum across schools of District Kishtwar.

The events are being held under the overall guidance of DYSSO Kharati Lal Sharma and close supervision of the Principal and Headmaster of the school concerned.

Physical education Masters, teachers, REKs and NYCs with the support of general masters and Teachers organised tournaments of different games within the school walls to identify the hidden talent of sprouting sportspersons/students.

Before the events, the sports fraternity identified the activities in which students take keen interest.

Besides, the teachers provided practical knowledge on planning, organizing, and administering programs, developing leadership qualities in students.

The intramural activities would help physical Education staff in identifying and selecting talented players for upcoming inter school tournaments.


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