Invention of AMU faculty members granted patent

Aligarh: Since several decades, experts were dabbling with technologies to do away the poor mechanical properties and highly permeable nature of cement to water and other aggressive chemicals. Now, a team of Z H College of Engineering and Technology (ZHCET), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) faculty members and an alumnus have found a way to use nanotechnology for increasing the durability of cement.

Er Ibadur Rahman (Alumnus, Department of Civil Engineering), Prof Mohammed Arif (Department of Civil Engineering) and Prof Ameer Azam (Department of Applied Physics, ZHCET) have patented their invention as ‘High Strength Cementitious Nanocomposite Compositions and the Methods of Making the Same’ as an intellectual property at the Patent Office, Government of India.

“The objective of the invention is to bring nanotechnology with construction technology in order to produce nano modified cement-based materials to achieve enhanced mechanical performance with efficient utilisation of material resources,” said the inventors.

Explaining the work behind the invention, the inventors pointed out that they began with studying how components such as nano cement, silica fume, nano silica fume, fly ash and nano fly ash influence the cement matrix.

“We found that the addition of nano particles left a significant improvement in the properties of cementitious matrix,” added the inventors.

They further pointed out that the invention will be very useful in structures requiring high strength like the nuclear power plants, airport runways, and bridges among others. These materials will also be beneficial in the construction of high rise buildings in Government of India’s ‘Smart Cities’ Project.