Investing in HKU Business School’s Global Talents – Empower & Match To Bridge the Talent Gap and Build a Talent Pool for Hong Kong and Beyond

The Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Hong Kong (“HKU Business School” or the School) organised a job fair event, titled “Investing in HKU Business School’s Global Talents – Empower and Match”, on January 13 (Monday) at JW Marriott Hotel. This event is exclusive for students of HKU Business School to try to land their dream jobs and strengthen their skills to tap future career opportunities.

Empowering our students in career development and professional growth while bridging the talent gap of the business community has always been a top priority of the School. We leverage our deep root in Hong Kong, strong engagement in China and a truly international network, collaborate with reputable companies from a wide spectrum of industry sectors, including banking, finance, consulting and conglomerate, and launch the “Investing in HKU Business School’s Global Talents” job fair series. The event received overwhelming response and positive feedback from both students and corporate partners.

Over 100 HR professionals from nearly 40 companies participated in this job fair. In addition, career coaches were also invited to provide onsite consultation and interview training to our students. Such one-stop comprehensive arrangement attracted more than 400 undergraduate and postgraduate students. The event presented an effective platform for our students and corporate partners to share insights and exchange ideas on talent acquisition and career development, and for our students to learn from seasoned career coaches firsthand.

HKU Dean of Business and Economics Professor Hongbin Cai said, “In view of the challenging outlook of the career market, we, as an education institution, have to offer not only high quality academic programmes and diversified learning experience, but also strong support and opportunities for our students to hone their skills and excel in their career journey. Many of our graduates are thriving in their dynamic career paths and contributing their knowledge and skills to the society, which have been highly regarded by employers. Through events of this kind, we believe HKU Business School, together with the business community, are going to build a talent pool for the future of Hong Kong and beyond.”

Ms. Anna Champion, Head of Early Careers Learning, and Ms. Kathleen Yu, Head of Assessment from Jardine Matheson Group HR, both attended the event and commented, “We have had a long relationship with the University of Hong Kong and have spent a great deal of time with the students over the years. There is much potential to be seen. Our emphasis is regardless of background, for the students to focus on understanding who they are and what they can personally bring to an organisation. Think about themselves as a portfolio of technical skills (learnt in the classrooms/lecture halls) but also to build up their own power skills, the softer skills that make a big difference to succeed in the workplace. We are glad to see students with strong learning orientation who constantly reflect and learn from their experiences. We believe that it is a critical mindset for the longer-term success in their careers.”

Ms. Joey Lau, Manager (Training and Development) of Sino Group, remarked, “Sino Group treasures talents, and seeks to attract high-calibre candidates with our well-established recruitment mechanism. We are excited to get to meet the outstanding candidates at the job fair organised by the HKU Business School, and are impressed with their ideas and insights. We can see the boundless potential in the students and graduates, either from local or overseas, who are bright, flexible and adaptable.”

Mr. Dominic Yuen, a final year student majoring Economics and Quantitative Finance, commented, “This job fair organised by the School helped us in two aspects, just as the theme stated “Empower and Match”. Firstly, it connected students with different corporates, making it easier for us to understand the businesses and to determine whether the firms matches our personality and capability. In addition, the career coaches at the event also provided insightful suggestions for us to equip ourselves for more comprehensive career planning.”

Another final year student, Mr. Kelton Leung, who also proactively engaged with companies onsite, said, “I am delighted that the School organised such an event for us. I believe that fitting into the culture of a company is more important than the job nature. This job fair gave me an opportunity to meet with HR experts in top-tier firms and understand more about them. I look forward to more supportive events organised by HKU Business School.”