IOCL joined hands with Genrobotics to develop Robots for cleaning Confined Spaces in the Oil and Gas Industry

IOCL has joined hands with Genrobotics to develop robotic tools for internal tank cleaning and inspection at refineries. Cleaning and maintenance of petroleum tanks are time-consuming and unsafe tasks. To solve these issues and revolutionize the safety and productivity of internal tank cleaning, Genrobotics is now tied up with IOCL to develop robots to ensure 100% no-man entry across the refineries. IOCL has the largest refinery network in India and owns and operates 11 out of India’s 23 refineries.

Dr. G.S. Kapur, Executive Director I/c (CT & TPF), IOCL Faridabad On June 6, 2022, Dr. C Kannan, Executive Director (CT & TPE), Mr. Avinash Jain, CGM (TPF), Nikhil NP, Director and co-founder of Genrobotics, and other senior officials of IOCL Faridabad signed an agreement with Shri. Vimal Govind M.K., Managing Director and CEO of Genrobotics.

Genrobotics is a national award-winning start-up, developing technologies that provide better and safer methods for people working in extreme and unsafe environments using robotics and AI. Genrobotics’ primary offering is the Bandicoot robot, the world’s first robotic scavenger, which helps clean confined spaces such as sewer manholes, sewer wells, stormwater manholes, and oily water sewers (OWS), and stormwater sewers (SWS) in refineries. Currently, smart cities, Urban Local Bodies (ULBs), refineries, multinational companies, townships, and housing colonies across 14 states are leveraging Bandicoot robots, thereby eliminating the need for human entry into manholes. Genrobotics has recently ventured into healthcare and launched a robot-assisted gait training solution—G Gaiter—to aid the recovery of people with paraplegia through improved rehabilitation experiences. The company also provides services in the United Kingdom, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, and South Korea.

“We aim to ensure safety and efficiency for people working in hazardous and extreme conditions with the help of robotics and AI,” said Vimal Govind MK, CEO, and co-founder of Genrobotics. “Petroleum is one of the major industries in India, providing a fair share of GDP to the economy, and we believe that our robotic solutions can address not only more safety but also productivity in this industry. We are extremely proud to be associated with IOCL for the nation’s development. ” Govind added.