IPO new search UK trade mark classes service now available

New service available to search and classify, trade mark goods and services.

When applying to register a UK trade mark, you may use the UK classification system to specify the goods and/or services you are seeking protection for.

This service will allow you to search for the goods and services you intend to use your trade mark on before you apply.

Intellectual Property Offices worldwide use a trade mark classification system that groups together similar goods or services into 45 different classes. This is referred to as Nice Classification.

While a member state of the EU, the IPO contributed to and shared a common classification system called TMClass. TMClass is a classification search tool provided by the EUIPO. With the transition period relating to the UK’s exit from the EU ending on 31 December 2020, we have created a UK specific database.

Over time, there may be instances where UK classification diverges from the EU. When applying for a UK trade mark, we will examine the application against the goods and services within the UK database.

The search UK trade mark classes service is available on GOV.UK.