IPRS in collaboration with Dolby launches short format music series – ‘MUSISODES’ under its initiative #KnowYourMusic

The first series of Musisodes will explore the scope of Indian classical music with sitar maestro Purbayan Chatterjee

New Delhi: On the occasion of Guru Purnima on 24th July, The Indian Performing Right Society Ltd. collaborates with Dolby to release its short format music series ‘MUSISODES’. The series will launch with Indian Classical Music. The Musisodes will be short videos of 5-6mins each exploring different aspects and topics, covering the vast musical landscape of India. The Musisodes will be an innovative format to engage with the audience across digital platforms, with content covering familiar and niche music genres.

Launched on World Music Day, the #KnowYourMusic campaign’s objective is to introduce the audience and the music enthusiast to the different genres of Indian music and create a more engaged audience. Taking the initiative forward, in the second session, Mayur Puri as the host shall discuss the legacy and future of Indian Classical Music with sitar maestro Purbayan Chatterjee. The duo shall dwell upon topics on Indian Classical Music like the significance of a Gharana and its role in shaping the Classical Music in India, the famous Guru Shishya Parampara, breaking into the mainstream, and others.

Commenting on the #KnowYourMusic campaign, ace lyricist, screenwriter & IPRS Board Member Mr. Mayur Puri said, “Today, audiences are turning into artists faster than a music video transition. As a result, the traditional line between the consumers and the creators is blurring like never before. At IPRS, we welcome these changes and acknowledge the need to evolve with the times. Though IPRS is a creator-first company at its core, we know that our consumers are turning into our members very fast. As a society, it is our responsibility to equip our future members better, spread awareness, and build appreciation towards our country’s rich musical heritage.”

“As a member of the audience, one can expect to learn something about Indian classical music and also look forward to some entertainment. Music education is very important, and it should begin from the grass root level. The #KnowYourMusic campaign is a right step in that direction,” said Purbayan Chatterjee.

“The #KnowYourMusic campaign is an excellent effort and a wonderful bridge between the creators of today and the creators of tomorrow while also curating content for a larger audience. We hope to engage the music lovers with the maestros of various genres, and help them in their musical journey forward,” explained Puri.