Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, visiting India to recruit new batch of international students

Mumbai: The principals of the Fulton Schools of Engineering will be visiting India, for a student recruitment drive from the 30th March- 11th April.

The Fulton Schools welcomes Indian students to study on its campus. According to statistics, India had the highest number of enrolments at ASU in the engineering master’s programme at 54.6%. For the second year in a row, the largest growth was in the number of students from India, primarily at the graduate level and in optional practical training (OPT) (Open Doors,2016).

Patrick Phelan, Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies and a Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, says that “Indian graduate students form not only the largest cohort of our master’s students, but also play a vital role in ASU’s engineering research programs at the master’s and PhD levels.”

The #1 ranked university in USA for innovation offers students the opportunity to enjoy 45+ engineering student organizations and student professional societies giving them leadership opportunities and hands-on experience. It also has a thriving entrepreneurship programme where enrolled students can start with original research, pitch business ideas and start companies as undergraduates and post baccalaureate students.

Holly Singh, Senior Director of International Students & Scholars Center, says: “In the international education field, we are constantly thinking about bridging gaps between cultures. Experiencing another culture first hand helps us understand the relativeness of cultures and reassures that we are one as human race – this intuitive recognition is an added goal when one studies in another culture and serves well in our ‘Inspiring Global Citizens’ motto of the International Center at the Arizona State University!”

The number of foreign students in the US topped 1 million for the first time in 2016. According to the Institute of International Education, engineering as a field of study bought in 216,932 students, i.e. : 20.8% of the international student population.

Keeping this in mind, ASU believes that its focus on inclusivity as opposed to exclusivity, its work towards ensuring that research and innovation remains a priority and the fact that ASU has been ranked as the top public research university for international students (Open Doors report ,2015) sets it apart from other universities in the States.
Additionally, Fulton Engineering student support services include a thriving residential community, a dedicated Tutoring Center and a dedicated Engineering Career Center hosting workshops, biannual career fairs and more. Fulton School also provides a platform for international students to combine an active campus life with immediate access to the most advanced and cutting edge research and technology to assist them in their careers.
Speaking about the visit, Tirupalavanam G. Ganesh, Assistant professor, Fulton Schools of Engineering, ASU says, “We welcome the diversity of experience and thought that different students bring to our campus and the Fulton Schools of Engineering. The grand challenges of our time require this intellectual diversity that international students to address global need for water, energy, health, security, and sustainable infrastructure.”