Iraqi Minister of Culture, Dr. Hassan Nadhem, visits UNESCO works in Mosul

The Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Dr. Hassan Nazim, visited the site of Al-Saa’a Church in the center of Mosul, after it was damaged as a result of the military operations to liberate the city from ISIS.

During the tour, Nazem was briefed on the latest developments in the ongoing operations, as well as the remains of the antiquities and holdings of the Museum of Civilization in Mosul.

The minister inspected the extent of the damage and the amount of theft and looting that the city museum was subjected to, after he listened to detailed explanations from museum officials, administrators and archaeologists.

The minister’s delegation also went to visit Khan Al-Kamark after the completion of its restoration, in addition to visiting the Al-Aghawat Mosque building, one of the oldest mosques in the city, which is more than 350 years old and was damaged during the liberation operations.

The Minister of Culture, said, “the ministry has several projects in the city of Mosul, and it is now in the process of engaging in positive discussions with several competent bodies”.

On the second day of his field tour, accompanied by the Minister of Industry and Minerals Manhal Al-Khabb and the Inspector of Antiquities and Heritage of Nineveh Ali Hazem Thanoun, Nazem said, “We raised several topics and discussions regarding the restoration and construction operations on the right side, including the reconstruction of the Al-Nouri Mosque, Al-Hadba Minaret and the heritage site of Beit Al-Tantanji, which was severely damaged.” After it was bombed by ISIS, “indicating that the ministry,” entered into a positive discussion with the Sunni endowment about the continuation of the expropriation and the external fence of the mosque. ”

The minister added, “We are trying to push the work in order for us to benefit from Emirati and European funds, in cooperation with organizations such as UNESCO.”

The minister was also briefed on the reconstruction and rehabilitation projects of archaeological and heritage buildings, where he listened to the interventions and observations of the engineering cadres of the Nineveh Department of Antiquities during a quick tour of several adjacent sites, which are the site of the Qararay Saray Gate damaged due to erosion and the site of the shrine of Yahya Abu al-Qasim, which was destroyed by ISIS in addition to the castle of Bashtabia.

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