Irish based Dublin City University offers a Cutting Edge Research affair for Engineers & Computer Science scholars


Bengaluru: Ranked number one in Graduate employability ranking, Irish based Dublin City University’s Executive Dean – Prof Lisa Looney visits India in order to address cutting edge research discussions with a focus on delivering curriculum renewal at bachelors and master’s levels students across key engineering and computer science disciplines.

While speaking to students, faculty and counsellors in India, Professor Looney discussed programmes across computing, electronic and mechanical engineering span and explained how these areas upon which the future will be defined with communications, manufacturing, healthcare, business.

Ms. Looney’s faculty at DCU hosts globally significant research in digital innovation, the largest concentration of such activity in Ireland. Prof Lisa Looney, Executive Dean of DCU said, “At DCU we deliver profound change toward effective student-centered learning in engineering. We not only train the future entrepreneurs, we train students to be a responsible, accountable professional, with analytical skills with creative design skills and human-focused competencies”.

The research agenda as well as the academic programs offered by DCU are strongly linked to industry, with a third of research funding coming from industry, and industry being a partner in curriculum design and delivery. She further added, “We have recently launched Europe’s first master’s in Blockchain – a technology which will fundamentally change business, in the way the internet changed how we communicate with one another. DCU has also launched masters in Artificial Intelligence and in the Internet of Things both of which draw heavily from DCU’s research expertise, and were co-designed with industry representative bodies.

The Irish government invests € 700 million in research annually, with Data, Software, Manufacturing and ICT, being strategic priorities. Mr. Barry O’Driscoll – Senior Education Adviser for Education in Ireland mentions, ” There is a thriving technology sector in Ireland, which is home to 9 of the top 10 US Technology Companies, the 3 top Global Enterprise Software Companies, 16 of the top 20 Global Software Companies, all of the global pharmaceutical companies and 4 of the top 5 IT Services Companies.”

He further added, “This is another significant milestone for Education in Ireland as we continue to reach out for quality and excellence in the programmes we offer.”

Later this week, Prof Looney will be giving the keynote speech at the 9th World Engineering Education Forum 2019 in Chennai on “Getting to the crux of the matter: delivering deep change toward effective student-centred learning in engineering.”

The world-leading Centers based in DCU include Adapt (next generation digital technologies that transform how people communicate); Insight (Centre for Data Analytics), and I-Form (the application of digital technologies to manufacturing). DCU also hosts industry-focused Centers for Doctoral Training in Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence / Digitally Enhanced Reality / and Advanced Metallic Systems, and is at the forefront of these technologies in Europe. The research is distinctive and particularly innovative because of the close collaboration between engineers and computer scientists, located in one Faculty in DCU.