ISB Launches an Executive Fellow Programme in Management

Hyderabad: The Indian School of Business (ISB) announces the launch of an Executive Fellow Programme in Management (EFPM) targeted at senior industry executives with a research bent of mind. Challenging, comprehensive and global in scope, the EFPM at ISB has been designed as a three-year doctoral-level programme. It is also ideal for business school faculty who do not possess a doctoral degree.


Announcing the launch of the Executive Fellow Programme in Management, Professor Rajendra Srivastava, Dean ISB said, “Today’s business environment requires practitioners who are able to translate academic research to find solutions to specific industry issues. EFPM at ISB is designed to train such scholars who are working at the boundaries of academic and practitioner-oriented work. They will benefit from ISB’s strong research expertise and industry connects and have the opportunity to learn from global faculty of our partner schools as well. This programme signifies ISB’s commitment to promote entrepreneurial intellectualism.”


EFPM is targeted at individuals with a research oriented mindset who seek rigorous study of compelling issues of management practice.  It is also suited for professors of business schools and executives who see academia as a second career option. In addition, it is a great option for people who aspire to narrate their knowledge of their industry or function to the world in form of a book or articles as it will teach them to present their ideas in an effective and impactful way through the use of insightful and well-grounded research. The programme is targeted at those with work experience of 8 years and above, possesses a bachelor’s degree and have a strong interest in applied research.


Sharing his thoughts on the EFPM, Sanjay Kallapur, Deputy Dean, Faculty Review and FPM, said, “Research is an integral part of the EFPM at ISB. Students will learn rigorous research methods and hone their critical thinking skills, work closely with faculty experts across disciplines to become the next generation of thought leaders in research. They have an unparalleled opportunity to learn and receive guidance from leading academicians from ISB and other world- class universities. This hands-on approach will provide an invaluable educational experience as they will learn to approach problems based on evidence.”


EFPM at ISB provides a challenging and stimulating experience to participants to acquire innovative research oriented approach and enhance skills that help in solving their business problem. It enables participants to develop ability to communicate evidence-based management practice turning them into thought leaders. The proven research expertise of ISB’s faculty members and their dedication to support and mentor doctoral students, are the powerful beams that makes this programme stand out.


Courses in the EFPM programme will be offered in an executive format (i.e. fifteen, three-day residencies, one residency each month) to accommodate the needs of business executives who work full time. In addition, EFPM will provide a portfolio of skills to increase their understanding of business theory, combine theory and practice, and learn to solve complex business problems through cutting edge research methodology. Students will attend classes and develop their dissertation research project under the supervision of faculty experts in their fields. The research topic would address a strategic business issue of the participant’s organization or industry allowing him/her to understand and establish the groundwork of dissertation. Classes for the programme commences in August 2018 and ISB is now accepting the application via its website –\efpm. For more information on the programme, one can reach the programme office at [email protected] .