ISBF & LSE organise ‘Destination LSE’ to beckon Indian students to study at LSE Campus

New Delhi: Class XII students and their parents from Delhi-NCR attended the session on ‘Destination LSE’ held at the New Delhi campus of Indian School of Business & Finance, one of the top Featured Teaching Institutions of The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) on Saturday, December 7, 2019. The interactive session had Dr. James Abdey, Associate Academic Director, UOL Programme at LSE, as its speaker.

During the session, Dr. Abdey delivered a presentation on the crucial aspects of selection of courses during the admissions process for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at LSE, along with administrative eligibility, applications and selection criteria, followed by a Q&A session to address the students’ queries. This was a unique opportunity for college aspirants and their parents to learn more about the teaching and learning environment at one of the world’s most prestigious colleges, directly from one of their representatives.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. James Abdey said, “ISBF students get the benefit of contact with LSE academics – helping them prepare for exams, clarifying academic expectations of the programme, fine-tuning study skills and how to approach different modules and resolving any doubts they have. The courses that I am teaching are mainly quantitative courses. I have had meetings with the faculty, to remove some of the uncertainties, especially for the new modules, as well as to give guidance on how they should approach the specific subject areas. In my sessions with the students, its either teaching a preview of topics they have not seen yet or consolidation and revision of topics that they have already studied. The ultimate goal is to prepare them for the exams because the modules are assessed 100 percent by LSE examiners. Such visits help clarify what the examiners are looking for. These give the students a chance to gain the LSE perspective and of course to put a UK face to the programme so that when you say LSE it’s not just a logo that you see.”

Speaking about the collaboration between ISBF and LSE, Dr. G.L. Tayal, Dean, Academics at ISBF, said, “We consider it our privilege, to be in a position to provide exposure to aspiring young students to a session such as this, where students get to hear directly from LSE representative. ISBF’s association with LSE allow students to gain critical insights into one of the world’s best colleges.”

This session was preceded by a similar talk conducted by Mr. Will Breare-Hall, Student Recruitment and Study Abroad Manager at LSE, about a month ago at ISBF and Lady Sri Ram College, University of Delhi, which had also seen an overwhelming response from the students from NCR, who had come from various colleges of DU to know about ‘Destination LSE’.

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