iSchoolConnect Scholarship worth 1 Crore for study abroad aspirants is open for applications

Mumbai- iSchoolConnect Inc. an AI-based edtech company is back with the second edition of its annual scholarship. Launched in the year 2020, the iSchoolConnect Scholarship aims to assist students who want to study abroad but face financial challenges.

The iSchoolConnect Scholarship does not funnel students exclusively based on their academic performance. It transcends the idea that scholarships are awarded only to students who thrive academically. Refuting the common notion, Ashish Fernando, CEO, iSchoolConnect, says, “Scholarships aren’t exclusively for top scores and students with merit,” citing his own experience of getting a full-ride scholarship at Bentley University in Massachusetts, USA, for his MBA program despite being an ordinary student. “I can tell you from personal experience that this is false and that if you do your homework, set aside your anxieties, and apply for scholarships, you will have a better chance of winning.”

The inaugural edition of this scholarship was a huge success, funding 15 students who wanted to study abroad and assisting others with their applications to international universities. Murli Singh Rajpurohit, one of the winners of iSchoolConnect Scholarship 2020-21, who thought he had a snowball’s chance in hell for winning the scholarship, exemplifies Ashish’s philosophy. Expressing his gratitude, he said, “I never thought I had any chances of winning this scholarship since hundreds & thousands of students apply for it. But if you believe in something & work hard for it, things fall into place. So I suggest all to not get discouraged & apply for this scholarship.”

This year, iSchoolConnect is back with the scholarship, boosting the financial aid granted to aspirants, based on the success and faith demonstrated by students in our work. The scholarship sum has increased this year, and now includes cash rewards, flight tickets, and assistance worth Rs. 1 crore. Indian and international students who want to study in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Ireland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Singapore, or Switzerland next fall are eligible to apply.

The applications for the scholarship opened on November 18, 2021. Selected students will get cash awards and one-way flight tickets. In addition, the scholarship will also provide top candidates with free access to iSchoolConnect’s services, as well as tailored study abroad counseling. The motivation to study, career aspirations, potential as change-makers, demonstrated evidence of leadership, financial need, and performance during the online interview will all factor into the decision to award the scholarship.

Drawing from the conviction and fortitude exhibited by students to pursue their dreams, iSchoolConnect has decided to make the scholarship an annual phenomenon, where students from all over the world can find a way to fund their education, pursue their dreams, and make the world a better place to live in.

Apply for the iSchoolConnect Scholarship.

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