Issues of functioning and development of rural schools in Karelia

Within the framework of the general theme of cooperation of the Pedagogical Laboratory of the Rural School of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of PetrSU with rural educational organizations “Topical Issues of the Functioning and Development of the Rural School in the Republic of Karelia”, the first webinar was held, at which the teachers of the IPP University School, located in the village of Vedlozero, conducted an examination of course projects 2nd year students of the Department of Theory and Methods of Primary Education (supervisors – I.V. Komarova and G.G. Stolyarov, associate professors of the department).
The topic of the work was determined taking into account the wishes of the teachers of the school and was associated with the solution of the following tasks: motivation for learning, the peculiarities of building a children’s team, features of learning success, gender differences in coping behavior of younger students, etc.

Experts – Elena Vladimirovna Ignatieva, deputy director for educational work, and Anna Einovna Rego, deputy director for preschool education, especially noted the course work of Valeria Bessmertnaya “Representation of junior schoolchildren about happiness”.

The task of the students was: to draw the “Coat of arms of their happiness”. Before doing the research, I didn’t expect most students to draw family, friends, nature, and animals. Therefore, it can be argued that modern junior schoolchildren are more guided by universal human values,

– the student shared her impression of the results of the work.

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