ITC Savlon partners with the State Government of Kerala to help ‘Break the Chain’

Mumbai: ITC’s leading hygiene and health brand, Savlon partners with the state Government of Kerala on its recently announced mass handwashing campaign ‘Break The Chain’. The campaign is a state-wide initiative to contain the spread of COVID-19. Savlon has undertaken the responsibility of supplying Savlon Handwashes, free of charge, to ensure ready availability at all the booths set up by the government in public spaces to curb the spread and help take preventive care.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, ITC Savlon has been consistently working towards increasing awareness on the necessary precautionary and preventive measures. The brand has setup an expert panel headed by a leading medical practitioner to answer questions on the subject. So far more than 150 questions in multiple languages have been directly addressed on social media through its Ask the Expert campaign. The brand has also initiated a nationwide awareness programme on hand hygiene best practices through mass media partnerships (online and offline), issued in public interest.

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